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“The way I fell into my job at Kaplan – or crashed to be more precise – is really a story of Google and go-carts. When I graduated from Lund University in 2012 and was handed my MSc in Business and Economics, the many dimensions of marketing had caught my interest. As I approached a life outside of the academic world and started looking for employment, customer insight had become a key word. Subsequently, I Googled for companies who shared my fascination.

All in all the results were less intriguing, it seemed as if not that many bureaus or consulting firms had identified customer behavior as the crucial, ever-interesting area it represented to me. Apart from one.

I was offered the chance to prove myself at Kaplan over that summer, a trial that was very close to being cut short after approximately 24 hours. At the annual summer party – which I was generously invited to despite barely setting foot in the office – go-cart had been chosen as the preferred activity. After recklessly reducing my go-cart to crumbs, forcing the company to pay for acute car-surgery, I feared for both my own future and the company’s survival prospects.

Miraculously, there was a way back from that go-cart-track (to which I shall never return) and things turned for the better – both for me and for Kaplan. What was then a relationship marketing bureau with CRM expertise has since transformed into a full-service Customer Management Firm. We’ve grown from 19 to almost 50 people while our client list has come to boast some of Scandinavia’s most powerful brands.

In the strategic consulting department, where I perform most of my work, we are changing the dynamics in customer relationships. We turn companies from product to customer-centric and marketing departments into insight-driven sources for innovation. Whether our clients are retailing companies, media companies, state or privately owned – or even charities – the methods and ideas stay the same.

Meanwhile, being in a demanding but friendly and humorous environment makes my day-to-day experience very enjoyable. With people from diverse backgrounds and a wide scope of competencies working closely together, I have continually discovered new things about myself, both professionally and personally. Any potential career as a go-cart driver is a non-starter, for example.”

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