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Our Art Director Victor shares a bit about himself together with his view of what it means to be part of our creative team.
“After graduating from Berghs School of Communication, my career brought me to a few smaller digital advertising agencies, B2B-agencies as well as larger 360-bureaus. There were nights when a creative solution required me to dive into the detailed technical manuals describing how to effectively maneuver rollercoasters, and there were times, on the other side of the creative spectrum, where singing would turn out to be the solution to a given creative problem.

Striving to evolve in my creative ambition, I encountered a company that appeared to be an advertising agency, but proved to be something completely different. Something new.

It turned out to be a place where people in possession of very diverse competencies, from any given field, had gathered to learn from one another. People positioned at the forefront in their respective branch of work, regardless of whether it concerned data security, advanced analytics or design.

While working creatively I have realized that creating successful communication requires two things to succeed. Being responsive and humble when faced with a challenge is one, because in the end, communication is more or less asking people to change their behavior. And secondly to succeed, you’ll need an understanding of who you are talking to, and where your service or product fits in.

Kaplan is the Nordic leader in mastering that second aspect. Through advanced analytics and segmentation, based on customer-data, we create more dynamic customer insights and communicate with precision – thereby enhancing the dialogue between customer and company.

To be given the privilege of knowing exactly who you are talking to, down to the individual level, is a huge advantage to any creative professional. Add to that my collegues at Kaplan, where the person sitting next to me, the one that carried out the predictive modelling runs a cat-hotel in her spare-time, that the front-end developer bringing life to my design is a laughing version of Lisbeth Salander – or the fact that the copywriter sitting opposite of me, putting words to my thoughts, is a MMA-fighter. Beat that if you can! (no pun intended – beat, MMA, well you get it).”

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