Caroline Andersen

When I encountered Kaplan Denmark, I quickly realized that this was a company with whom I shared many personal and professional values. From day one, I got the chance to help people and companies in developing and creating value through the application of technical advancements and strategic initiatives.

Caroline Andersen

From previous jobs I knew that I thoroughly enjoy working with developers and at Kaplan I got the chance to work very closely in developing and implementing a plethora of different solutions with a skilled team. The combination of working with strategy and technology really speaks to my inner Nerd and I love generating creative business solutions that are also technically valid together with my colleagues.

Education: Master’s degree in International Marketing & Management from Copenhagen Business School

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Linda Viklund

As a developer at Kaplan, I get to translate customer needs to technical solutions and that is what I think is fun! Understanding the customer is as important as good technical skills and working

Henrik Valentin
Creative copywriter

Henrik Valentin Ljungström

My job title is Creative/Copywriter. It’s quite self-explanatory really. I come up with creative concepts and ideas for our clients. Then I make sure the writing gets the right amount of fairy dust.

Erik Kullgren
Customer Strategist

Erik Kullgren

In my role as a Customer Strategist, the most interesting part is the combination of being in a very quickly developing industry; as data-driven customer management is in a very exciting phase. My rol