Bonnier increases customer lifetime through digital transformation


Prior to 2013, Bonnier Magazines & Brands relied heavily on discounts and offers to attract new customers. As part of their endeavor to get more out of their subscriber base, Bonnier Magazines & Brands turned to Kaplan.

Together, we undertook a journey that included the creation of targeted communication, change management and the formation of a new marketing organization. In addition to this, Kaplan also became the Marketing Technology provider for Bonnier Magazines & Brands.


The project resulted in an increased customer life time even though magazine subscriptions are on the decline and customers’ reading habits are rapidly changing in favor of digital channels.

2013: Strategic supplier – customer targeting
Quick-wins in customer targeting based on five predictive models of up-sell, cross-sell, churn, extension and recruitment, structured customer base processing based on CRM-data, life cycle focus, business case and KPIs.

2014: Internal change journey
Customer journeys, GAP-analysis, processes and organization, internal change journey.

2015: Marketing Technology supplier
Omnichannel architecture, campaign tool, PIM, reporting, targeting in email, invoicing (postal).

2017: Further developments
Improvement regarding reporting, addition of new channels.

”We have gone from targeting new customers, to taking a full customer approach by working with all customers throughout the customer lifecycle… We have been able to stop the declining length of our subscription services, as well as speeding up the transformation towards serving our customers in the digital channels”

“With smart, predictive analytics for effective targeting of customer behavior, understanding key KPIs for marketing potential, developing the differentiated customer value proposition and offers to the customers and setting up the infrastructure for multichannel campaigns using big data, we have created a business turnaround.”
Emma Norén, Marketing Director at Bonnier Magazines & Brands

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